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Year Book (1826), Hone's See: Hone's Year Book (1826)
Year In, Letting the New See: Letting the New Year In
Year Mummers' Tale of Golishan", "The New See: "The New Year Mummers' Tale of Golishan"
Year's Day, New See: New Year's Day
Year's Eve, New See: New Year's Eve
Year's Morn, New See: New Year's Morn
Year's Morning, New See: New Year's Morning
Year, New See: New Year
Young Farmers Newark Advertiser (1980)
Young Farmers' Club Evening Post [Nottingham] (1975b)
P.Milroy (1989)
Newark Advertiser (1986)
Nottingham Guardian (1950)
South Notts Advertiser (1986)
[Unidentified Press Cutting] (no date)
Young Farmers' Clubs Newark Advertiser (1951b)
Newark Advertiser (1990)
Nottingham Guardian Journal (1969)
Nottingham Guardian Journal (1973)
Nottinghamshire Guardian (1949)
South Notts Advertiser (1990)
Young Farmers' Clubs, Nottinghamshire See: Nottinghamshire Young Farmers' Clubs
Young Lady J.P.B. (1893)
D.Diemer (1979)
T.F.Ordish (1893)
Young Turk R.Meynell (1957/58)
R.Scollins & J.Titford (1977)
Your Door, Open See: Open Your Door
Youth Club Newark Advertiser (1976a)
South Notts Advertiser (1976a)
Yule Clog W.Irving (1835)