Muskham Pinkies 2009

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The Muskham Pinkies performing the local plough play at the Ferry, North Muskham, Nottinghamshire, England, 10th Jan.2009. Photographer: Peter Millington.
Muskham Pinkies 2009, Group photo
Group photo (left to right): Doctor, Eezum Squeezum, Tom Fool, Little Clown, Recruiting Sergeant, Master of Ceremonies, Lady Bright and Gay
Muskham Pinkies 2009, The Doctor holding forth
The Doctor holding forth, watched by the Recruiting Sergeant, the Lady Bright and Gay, and the Master of Ceremonies. (Ratteljag Morris dancers in the background).
Muskham Pinkies 2009, The Little Clown enters
The Little Clown enters.
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