Samples of folk play scripts
Samples of original folk play scripts
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There has been a major technical upgrade of the Master Mummers website, necessitated by developments in the Google tool that the website uses for its maps. The opportunity has been taken at the same time to iron out some of the inconsistencies that have crept in over time, and to introduce some of the new research tools that I have developed during my own studies, and which might be of more general benefit.

The revamping in 2018 of the Traditional Drama Research Group's website (, which this site complements, has required an overhaul of the links between them, and the reinstatement here of some of the pages that they have dropped.

Main Changes

  • All the interactive Google maps have been upgraded, and most of the options for doing such things as filtering or resizing markers have been made more responsive.
  • All links to the website have been updated, following the revamp of that site.
  • When spotted, broken links to other third party websites have been fixed, although some sites have disappeared and had to be either removed or replaced with alternatives.
  • New features for researchers have been added to the scripts collection:
    • All scripts are now also available as TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) XML files.
    • Many scripts are provided with dramaturgical charts, illustrating the structure of the play text - see example.
    • Most texts have links to interactive maps showing their textual relatives, with markers sized according to the number of lines they share - see example.
    • The text relatives can alternatively be viewed as a bar chart, with the bars sized according to the number of lines they share - see example.
    • Pairs of texts can be compared, both as charts and as parallel texts. These illustrate the lines they share, and similarities or otherwise in how the matched lines are sequenced - see example.
  • Two new maps have been added to the Atlas under 'Research Corpora' for Irish folk plays.

Although the upgraded website has been extensively tested, a few errors (hopefully only minor ones) inevitably evade detection. If you spot any errors or anything unexpected, please email me at: I continue to look for broken links to third party websites. Sometimes these websites have disappeared, or they may have moved to a new web address, or like changed the layout of their URLs. Again, please email me if you spot any broken links.

Peter Millington
January 2021