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The Islip Mummers' Play of 1780
The Peace Egg : A Christmas Mumming Play - 1884

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Line The Islip Mummers' Play of 1780 The Peace Egg : A Christmas Mumming Play - 1884
1. what ho what ho make room for mummers  
2. and old anna domino  
3. i have brought my champions brave  
4. fighting men and pedlar knave  
5. old doctor spinny sometimes called quack  
6. his man salt peter and old fat jack  
7. old father christmas so old and white  
8. he has promised to look in tonight  
9. come in my eldest son and show how battles are lost or won  
10. here come i the roayl duke of blunderland  
11. with my broad sword all in my hand  
12. where is the man that dares bid me stand  
13. i ll slay him and cut him as small as flies  
14. and send him to the cookshop to make mincepies  
15. mincepies hot or mincepies cold  
16. i ll send him to the devil before he three days old  
17. i am the man that dares to bid you stand  
18. altho you swaggers and swears that with your courageous hand  
19. you will slay me and cut him as small as flies  
20. and send me to the cook shop to make mince pies  
21. defend yourself for i show no mercy  
22. i fight to the death as sure as i am percy  
23. call the doctor call old quack  
24. take my donkey to bring him back  
25. come in doctor quack  
26. i am not a quack as you may see  
27. i am doctor spinney with a big m d  
28. doctor doctor i have kill d a man  
29. kill d a man kill d a monkey  
30. doctor doctor do your part  
31. the king is wounded to the heart  
32. as you can plainly see that thou may plainly see
33. i shan t fetch them yourself  
34. keep a dog and bark myself fetch them this minute  
35. i am a doctor a doctor good  
36. who s hand were never stained with blood  
37. i can cure the itch the pox the palsy and the gout from a cold in your head to a touch of the gout
38. pains within and pains without all complaints within and without
39. if the devil in i can fetch him out  
40. i have plaster and potions poisons and pills  
41. some to cure and some to kill  
42. i have travelled thro england ireland france and spain through england ireland scotland flanders france and spain
43. been to europe and back again  
44. hocus pocus alecampain i have a little bottle of elacampane
45. take one of my pills dead man rise and fight again rise man and fight again
46. i am a button maker by my trade  
47. till i was ruined by a maid  
48. dam such maids so said i  
49. fall rall riddle roll ri do  
50. here come i old fat jack here comes i little man jack
51. at fighting i can do my whack  
52. by day or night or candlelight  
53. old jack will fight with all his might  
54. wrong or right sober or tight  
55. shes got the toothache  
56. the tooth ache why she is quite big  
57. and will bring forth a new heir year  
58. on the thirtyfirst of december at twelve p m  
59. peter fetch pinchers we will have a tooth out  
60. and make sure it will make the bill longer  
61. here come i a pedlar chap  
62. on my shoulder i car s my pack  
63. i have ribbons for the ladies fair  
64. ornaments to deck there hair  
65. patches for there pretty faces  
66. high heeled boots and fine laces  
67. toys to please both great and small my head is big my body is small
68. and i ve brought my fiddle to please you all  
69. a virgin unspotted the prophets foretold  
70. should bring forth a saviour which we no behold  
71. to be our redemption from death hell and sin  
72. which adam s transgressions involved us in  
73. so let us be merry cast sorrow away  
74. christ jesus our saviour was born on this day  
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