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Play from Malvern, Worcs. - 1913-1916
Selston Mummers' Play - 1913

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Line Play from Malvern, Worcs. - 1913-1916 Selston Mummers' Play - 1913
1. in comes i who never been before  
2. so many actors at the door  
3. some can dance and some can sing  
4. and by your leave we all walk in  
5. in comes i old belsey bob in comes owd bel ze bub
6. on my soulder i carry a nob o er me back a carry me club
7. in my hand i carry a can in me and a drippin pan
8. dond you think i am a golly old man don t y think am a jolly ow d man
9. in comes i the valiant soldier just arrived from france  
10. with my broad sword and spear i ll make king george to dance  
11. i fought the firy dragons and brought to great slaughter a ve found him at the slaughter
12. and by those means i wish to win the king of egypt daughter a slew the king of egypt s daughter
13. pull out thy purse and pay  
14. pull out your sword and slay  
15. adone sir adone sir  
16. ill cut him and slay him and when ill done  
17. i fight the best man under the evening sun  
18. ladies and gentlemen see what i have done  
19. i have cut him down like the evening sun  
20. his body is dead his blood is shed pray what will become of me  
21. is there a doctor to be found  
22. yes sir  
23. calls him doctor  
24. yes sir  
25. how camest thou a doctor how comes tha to be a doctor
26. by my travels be me travels
27. where hast thou traveled where are thee travels
28. through italy france and spain ickally pickally france an spain
29. three times round the world and back again oer hills and hom ag en
30. what canst thou cure what can tha cure
31. i can cure ictity pickaty paulsy gout the itch stitch palsy an gout
32. if theires nineteen devels in that man i ll cast twenty out  
33. in my left hand pocket i carry a bottle of drops  
34. a drop to his temple a drop to his tongue  
35. that man shall arise immediately arise  
36. ladies and gentlemen see what a horrible torable thing it is  
37. to jump out of seventeen sences into seventeen score  
38. and out of seventeen score into forty eleven more  
39. if ever i live to get over this i never fight no more  
40. a room a room pray galant hall and give me room to rise  
41. i ll come to show activity this merry christmas time  
42. activity to me activity to the  
43. if you cant belive what i got to say  
44. step in old father christmas and boldly clear the way  
45. i comes i old father christmas welcome in or welome not  
46. i hope old father christmas will never be forgot  
47. i comes i little man dick  
48. with my by big head and little wit  
49. my head so big my wit so small  
50. we sing you a song that will please you all  
51. hang up the shuvel and the hoe  
52. lay down the fiddle and the bow  
53. for thee no more work for poor old ned  
54. hes gone with the good niggers go go go  
55. in comes i little bibble and funny  
56. i am the man to collect the money  
57. money i wount money i crave money a want an money a ll ave
58. if you dond give me money i ll sweep you to the grave if you don t gimmee that a ll blow y away
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