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E. B. (Auth.)
*LOCAL NOTES AND QUERIES: Plough Bullocks Prohibited
*Nottinghamshire Guardian, 26th Jan.1929

Source states: "Although the custom of 'plough bullocks' going round with a plough is generally referred to 'as an old English custom' it may be of interest to note that Sir John Markham of Notts., in the reign of Henry VII, was one of 'his Majesty's visitors to the clergy and laity of the deanery of Rochester' who prohibited the observances of 'Plough Monday' and other practices (?)"

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Locations: Notts.
Years: Prohibited about 1500; Publ. 1929
Subjects: Plough Trailing; Plough Bullocks; Plough Monday; Prohibition; Henry VII
People: Sir John Markham (Official)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00007;
Local Notes & Queries Scrapbook, 1926-29, p.135

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