E.C.Cawte et al (1967)


E. C. Cawte (Auth.); Alex Helm (Auth.); N. Peacock (Auth.)
ENGLISH RITUAL DRAMA: A Geographical Index
London: Folk-lore Society, 1967

A concise review is given of developments in folk drama scholarship up to 1967. What are regarded as the three main types of play (i.e. "Hero-combat plays", "Sword dance plays" and "Wooing or Bridal plays") are discussed in relation to the conventional hypotheses on the origins of the plays and their symbolism. There are maps showing the distribution of the plays, and possible historical factors are considered. The main part of the book is a geographical list of over 1200 plays, giving location, Grid reference, date of extancy, time of occurrence, length of available texts, and play type. Complementing this list there is an extensive bibliography of over 700 references. Also, by way of example, play texts are given from Jerusalem, Lincs., Gainford, Durham, Romsey, Hants., and High Spen, Durham.

Index Terms:

Locations: Jerusalem, Lincs. (SK9171); Gainford, Durham (NZ1716); Romsey, Hants. (SU3521); High Spen, Durham (NZ1359)
Years: Publ. 1967
Subjects: Review; Drama; Hero-Combat Plays; Sword Dance Plays; Wooing Plays; Bridal Plays; Origins; Symbolism; Distribution Maps; Index; Bibliography; Full Texts
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00023

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