E.K.Chambers (1903)


E. K. Chambers (Auth.)
Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1903, pp.205-227

*Vol.I contains Book I - Minstrelsy, and Book II - Folk Drama. Book II is essentially a precursor to E.K.Chambers (1933) "The English Folk-play", and has the chapter headings:- (V) The Religion of the Folk, (VI) Village Festivals, (VII) Festival Play, (VIII) The May-Game, (IX) The Sword-Dance, (X) The Mummers' Play, (XI) The Beginning of Winter, (XII) New Year Customs, (XIII) The Feast of Fools, (XIV) The Feast of Fools (continued), (XV) The Boy Bishop, (XVI) Guild Fools and Court Fools, and (XVII) Masks and Misrule.

Chapter X, pp.208-210 gives a summary of the Plough Bullocks, Plough Monday play from Cropwell, Notts., published by Chaworth-Musters (1890), and H.G.M.Murray-Aynsley (1889). This gives the cast as follows; Tom the Fool, Recruiting Sergeant, Ribboner or Recruit, Threshing Blade, Hopper Joe/Sankey Benny, Ploughman, Doctor, Lady and Dame Jane.

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Locations: *Cropwell, Notts. (SK6836)
Years: *Publ. 1890; Publ. 1903
Subjects: *Text; Play; Plough Monday; Plough-Bullocks; Tom the Fool; Recruiting Sergeant; Ribboner; Recruit; Threshing Blade; Hopper Joe; Sankey-Benny; Ploughman; Doctor; Beelzebub; Lady; Dame Jane; Chaworth-Musters (1890); Murray-Aynsley,H.G.M. (1889)
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