W.E.D. (1957)


W. E. D. (Auth.)
Plough Monday at Oxton
*Nottinghamshire Weekly Guardian, 12th Jan.1957

Description of play at Oxton, Notts., taken from T.Shipside (1956). This mentions the characters; Tom Fool, Farmer's Man, Eezie Squee-sum, Lady, Recruiting Sergeant, Dame Jane, Devil/Beelzebub and Doctor.

There is also a photo captioned; "Tollerton revived the Plough Monday round of play performances at local farms a few years ago. The characters in this picture are: Recruiting Sergeant, Tom Fool, Dame Jane, Farmer's Man, Lady Bright and Gay, Threshing Blade and the Doctor." It shows the Doctor dosing a recumbent Farmer's Man, with the others looking on in the background.

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Locations: Tollerton, Notts. (SK6134); Oxton, Notts. (SK6351)
Years: Publ. 1957
Subjects: Plays; Plough Monday; Photo; Shipside,T. (1956); Tom Fool; Farmer's Man; Eezie Squee-sum; Lady; Recruiting Sergeant; Dame Jane; Devil; Beelzebub; Doctor; Lady Bright and Gay; Threshing Blade
People: William Elliott Doubleday (Auth.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00036;
Notts. County Library, County Folklore Box

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