"J.Granby" (1949b)


"John Granby" (Auth.)
LOCAL NOTES AND QUERIES: Notts. ploughing feasts
Nottinghamshire Guardian, 31st Dec.1949, No.5459, p.10c

Talks of six "plough feasts" being observed in North Notts up to the mid 19th Century. These were Plough Monday, Shrovetide, sheep shearing, Wake Day, Harvest Home, and Seed Cake Feast. Cites without detail; W.Howitt (1834), T.Miller, and F.Kitchen's (1939) "Brother to the Ox"

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Locations: North Nottinghamshire, Notts.
Years: Current mid 19th Century; Publ. 1949
Subjects: Plough Monday; Howitt,W. (1834); Miller,T.; Kitchen,F. (1939); Plough Feasts; Shrovetide; Sheep Shearing; Wake Day; Harvest Home; Seed Cake Feast
People: William Elliott Doubleday (Auth.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00047;
Local Notes & Queries Scrapbook, 1948-59, p.33

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