H.G.M.Murray-Aynsley (1889)


Madame H. G. M. Murray-Aynsley (Auth.)
DE LA SURVIVANCE DU DRAME Chez le bas peuple en Angleterre [On the Survival of Drama among the Lower Classes of England]
*Revue des Traditions Populaires, 1889, Vol.4, No.12, pp.599-612

This paper in French is divided into four chapters. Chapter I reviews the history of drama, encompassing Indian and Roman drama, as well as Miracle and Morality plays. Chapter II describes the Salisbury Giant, St. Christopher, and the hobby horse Hob Nob.

Chapter III gives the full text (125 lines) of a Plough Monday play from Notts. The location is not given, but was identified by E.K.Chambers (1903) as Cropwell, Notts., and the translation tallies with Chaworth-Musters (1890). The characters are; Thomas le Hardi [Bold Tom], Sergent [Recruiting Sergeant], Ribbenor [Ribboner], Dame [Lady], Threshing Blade, Hopper Joe/Sanky Benny, Laboureur de Ferme [Farmer's Man], Dame Jane/Madame Jeanne, Belzébuth [Beelzebub], and Le Médecin [Doctor].

Chapter IV gives the full text (103 lines) of an unlocated Lincolnshire Plough Monday play. The characters are; Tom le Bouffon/Tommy [Tom Fool], Sergent [Sergeant], Ribbenor [Ribboner], Madame Jeanne/Dame Jeanne [Dame Jane], Dame [Lady Bright and Gay], Esem Esqueesem, Le Médecin [Doctor].

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Locations: Salisbury, Wilts. (SU1429); Cropwell, Notts. (SK6836); Lincs.
Years: Publ. 1889
Subjects: French Translation; Plays; Full Texts; Miracle Plays; Morality Plays; Giant; St. Christopher; Hobby Horse; Hob Nob; Plough Monday; Thomas le Hardi; Bold Tom; Sergent; Recruiting Sergeant; Ribbenor; Ribboner; Dame; Lady; Threshing Blade; Hopper Joe; Sanky Benny; Laboureur de Ferme; Farmer's Man; Dame Jane; Madame Jeanne; Belzébuth; Beelzebub; Médecin; Doctor; Tom le Bouffon; Tommy; Tom Fool; Dame Jeanne; Lady Bright and Gay; Esem Esqueesem
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