Nottingham Guardian (1880)


[Anon.] (Auth.)
Nottingham Guardian, 8th Jan.1880, No.7385, p.3a

"At the Petty Sessions, Loughborough, yesterday Mr. Harvey Parks (?) stated that the magistrates had received a letter from Mr Jarrett, clerk to the Local Board, requesting the magistrates to give such instructions to the public as would put a stop to the disgraceful exhibitions which had taken place in the town during past years on what was termed 'Plough Monday'. The bench might not be aware that on that day gangs of men were permitted to perambulate the town extorting charity. Some were dressed in female attire, others wore masks and other disguises, while some appeared in costumes which were indecent and disgusting. A large proportion of the money received was spent on intoxicating drinks and the manner of the men towards evening had in the past become so bold and impudent that they had not only frightened females and children but had proved a nuisance to passengers in the street and householders who had sat with locked doors to prevent the entrance of these men. The Local Board themselves trusted that the objectionable practices might be put a stop to, and that the police would receive from the magistrates such instructions as would lead to the supression of the proceedings. Mr. Harvey Parks (?) said there could be no doubt that the practices referred to were very objectionable and the bench would give instruction to the superintendant of police to take such measures as he thought necessary to put a stop to them. Superintendant Penberdy (?) intimated that the desire of the board should be attended to."

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Locations: Loughborough, Leics. (SK5319)
Years: Occurred 1879; Publ. 1880
Subjects: House Visiting; Plough Monday; Magistrates; Suppression
People: Mr. Harvey Parks (Official); Mr. Jarrett (Clerk); Superintendant Penberdy (Policeman)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00114

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