Nottingham Guardian (1947)


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Nottingham Guardian, 13th Jan.1947, No.28269, p.4c

Oddly enough, the Corporation of the City of London is one of the bodies which unfailingly keeps up a twofold observance of Plough Monday. On this day, by ancient usage, a Ward Mote must be held for the purpose of delivering into the Court of Aldermen the returns of those elected to the Court of Common Council, while the Lord Mayor later entertains the Corporation staff at the Mansion House. During the war the formal dinner had to be replaced by luncheon, but this year's Lord Mayor (Sir Bracewell Smith) is reviving the Plough Monday dinner."

The following appears later on:

"One of the most picturesque Plough Monday traditions is associated with Tollerton, Nottinghamshire, where for many years it was the custom to perform a 'plough play.' A band of men in strange costumes and with faces painted visited the farmhouses and other homesteads and performed the play in return for a ration of bread and beer. The play closed with the actors chanting:

'Put bread into our hopper and beer into my can,
Let's hope you never will forget the jolly farmer's man'"

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Locations: Tollerton, Notts. (SK6134); London, London (TQ3079)
Years: Publ. 1947; Perf. 1947
Subjects: Dinner; Plough Trailing; Play; Plough Monday; Ward Mote
People: Corporation of-the City of London (Organisers)
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