"All the Year Round" (1888)


"All the Year Round" (Auth.)
*Nottinghamshire Guardian, 14th Jan.1888

Initially a description of plough trailing customs on Plough Monday featuring Bessy with a collecting tin and threats of malicious ploughing but no mention of any location or indication of when this when done.

Finally comes the following: "When a schoolboy I remember seeing a band of farm men and lads, decked out in all manner of grotesque devices, parading the streets of Leicester as 'ploughboys,' and capering about but with no plough accompanying them. Tusser's 'Husbandry' tells us that:

'Plough Monday next after the Twelfth tide is past.
Bide out with the plough: the worst husband is last.'

Before leaving Plough Monday I must refer to a custom observed on the morning of this day amongst rural[?] men and maids. These always strove the one to be up and dressed before the other. If the men were up and dressed by the side of the fireplace with some of their implements of husbandry before the maids could put the kettle on, the latter were under fine to provide a fowl for the men next Shrovetide; or as an alternative, if any of the ploughmen, returning at night came to the kitchen hatch and cried 'look in the pot' before the maids could cry 'look on the dunghill' they incurred the same penalty."

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Locations: Leicester, Leics. (SK5904)
Years: Publ. 1888
Subjects: Plough Trailing; House Visiting; Plough Monday; Bessy; Malicious Ploughing
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00144;
Local Notes & Queries Scrapbook, Vol.I, p.54

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