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LOCAL NOTES AND QUERIES. No.807: OLD OBSERVANCES [Plough Monday Play at Wyverton Hall, Notts.]
*Nottinghamshire Guardian, 9th Apr.1897

Extracts from P.H.Ditchfield (1896) and other sources concerning various customs from Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. These include: hanging a Kissing Bunch at Christmas in Derbys., Wassailing in Notts., the Maypole at Wellow, Oak and Nettle Day in Notts., maidens' garlands in Derbyshire churches, and a long passage on Derbys' well dressing. The following is quoted from Ditchfield:

"'The Plough Monday play', one of the few remaining specimens of English folk drama, still survives. It resembles in some ways the Christmas and Easter play but has several distinguishing features. In the Plough Monday play there is no St. George and the principal feature is the sword dance. The play, as performed recently at Wyverton Hall, Nottinghamshire is printed in Mrs Musters's 'A Cavalier Stronghold'"

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Locations: Notts.; Derbys.; Wyverton Hall, Notts. (SK7136); Wellow, Notts. (SK6766)
Years: Publ. 1897
Subjects: Play; Sword Dance; St. George; Plough Monday; Chaworth-Musters (1890); Ditchfield,P.H. (1896); Christmas; Wassailing; Maypole; Oak and Nettle Day; Maidens' Garlands; Well Dressing
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00148;
Local Notes & Queries Scrapbook, Vol.9, p.136

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