Nottinghamshire Guardian (1899)


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*Nottinghamshire Guardian, 14th Jul.1899

Reminiscences from "Mr Hindley of Bourne who is an old resident of the Notts Maltopolis." The article referring to many different local customs, including street vendors' cries, Penny Loaf Day a dole bequeathed by Hercules Clay during which boys would smudge people's faces with red ochre, raffling for oranges, and Guy Fawkes' Day, when there was a bonfire in Newark market place. Also:

"There were also annual events, such as Plough Monday when some half-dozen farm servants came in, running about and peering into people's doors, rattling a small tin, and collecting money, perhaps for the fun of it, or to provide a convivial. One was dressed as a clown and another wore a woman's gown and bonnet. They were helped by some, while with many folks they were more free than welcome."

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Locations: Newark, Notts. (SK7953)
Years: Publ. 1899
Subjects: House Visiting; Plough Monday; Clown; Woman; Street Vendors' Cries; Penny Loaf Day; Dole; Raffling for Oranges; Guy Fawkes' Day; Bonfire
People: Mr. Hindley (Inf.); Hercules Clay (Benefactor)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00149;
Local Notes & Queries Scrapbook, Vol.10, p.48

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