Nottinghamshire Guardian (1909b)


[Anon.] (Auth.)
*Nottinghamshire Guardian, 23rd Jan.1909

This article gives details of Plough Monday, Plough Bullockin by schoolboys in the Carlton Road district of Nottingham. This was not a play custom. Details are also given of Twelfth Cakes sold in Sneinton, Nottingham on Twelfth Night up to about 1870 or 1880. The article mentions the publication the previous week of an account of Plough Monday "in the neighbourhood of Bingham", Notts. Evidently this was Mrs. Chaworth-Musters account in Nottinghamshire Guardian (1909a). Note this stage in the change of name for the location of the account from Wiverton Hall into Bingham.

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Locations: Carlton Road, Nottingham, Notts. (SK5840); Sneinton, Nottingham, Notts. (SK5740); Bingham, Notts. (SK7039)
Years: Publ. 1909; Observed about 1870 to 1880
Subjects: Begging; Cakes; Play; Plough Monday; Plough Bullockin; Twelfth Cakes; Twelfth Night; Nottinghamshire Guardian (1909a)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00152;
W.E.Doubleday Scrapbook, Vol.1, p.16;;
Local Notes & Queries Scrapbook, 1908-1918

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