W.Page (1910)


William Page (Auth.)
London: Constable and Company Limited, 1910, Vol.2, pp.410-413

The chapter on "Old-Time Sports" gives details of a number of Notts., customs taken from published accounts. These include; Bull-baiting, Bear-baiting, Badger-baiting, and Cock-fighting, throwing at the cock and thrashing the fat hen at Shrovetide, May-poles and May-day customs, Oak and Nettle Day, the Eakring Ball-play on Easter Tuesday, Midsummer's Eve bonfires, wrestling and the St. Ann's Well Shepherd's Race or maze.

The description of Plough Monday or Plough Bullock Day covers plough trailing and malicious ploughing. A fragment is given from a play from South Notts, with the characters; bold Anthony, St. George, Selina and a doctor. Washington Irving's (1835) account of a Plough Monday and Morris Dancers at Newstead Abbey is also quoted.

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Locations: Notts.; South Nottinghamshire, Notts.; Newstead Abbey, Notts. (SK5453); St. Ann's Well, Nottingham, Notts. (SK5741); Eakring, Notts. (SK6762)
Years: Publ. 1910
Subjects: Play; Dance; Plough Trailing; Plough Monday; Plough Bullocks; Morris Dancers; Bull-Baiting; Bear-Baiting; Badger-Baiting; Cock-Fighting; Throwing at the Cock; Thrashing the Fat Hen; Shrovetide; May-Poles; May-Day; Oak and Nettle Day; Football; Ball-Play; Easter Tuesday; Midsummer's Eve; Bonfires; Wrestling; Shepherd's Race; Maze; Plough Bullock Day; Plough Trailing; Malicious Ploughing; Text Fragments; Bold Anthony; St. George; Selina; Doctor; Irving,W. (1835)
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