Retford & Gainsborough Times (1875)


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Retford & Gainsborough Times, 24th Dec.1875, No.347, p.8a

"ONE OR TWO CHRISTMAS NOTES will not be out of place, for everyone takes an interest in something that relates to Father Christmas, the younger brother of Father Time.

'MUMMING' is being got ready on all sides. Some of those wrongly called 'mummers' have been out on their rounds for a week or more, and when one has heard their performance, there steals over one the devout wish that they were indeed 'mum'. This Christmas amusement has of late years sadly degenerated, and it is now a sad hashment of ribaldry and obscenity, which, luckily, everyone can't understand when they hear it. I give the opening of one of the best plays which will be taken round this week and next. Those who perform can give the play no name except MUMMERING."

There follows 27 lines of text from characters Betsy Beelzebub, Venture In and St. George. Reference is also made to the Doctor and Devil Doubt.

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Locations: Worksop, Notts. (SK5879)
Years: Perf. 1875
Subjects: Play; Mummers; Mumming; Mummering; Christmas; Betsy Beelzebub; Venture In; St. George; Doctor; Devil Doubt; Text Fragments
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00216

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