P.Spratley (1977)


Philip Spratley (Auth.)
MID EAST MUMMING [Plough Monday plays from the Vale of Belvoir]
[London]: EFDSS, 1977

Although the title of this booklet implies that it covers the whole of the East Midlands (or is it the Middle East), it in fact only covers a handful of plays from the Vale of Belvoir - specifically; Claypole, Foston in Lincs., and Elston, Cropwell Bishop and Staunton in Notts. In addition there is an unlocated version of the "Poor 'Owd Hoss".

The presentation of the booklet is amateurish, the printing poor, and the uninspiring cover looks like a bad photocopy. The collation is somewhat strange (page ii would make more sense between pages 26 & 27), and the same people seem to be listed as the sources of text from different locations. The texts themselves are compiled from a variety of sources, not necessarily all from the same village. Two texts at least appear to have been reproduced without acknowledgement (probably indirectly) from out-of-copyright publications (Cropwell Bishop from Chaworth Musters, 1890, and "The Poor 'Owd Hoss" from M.H.Mason, 1877). Two of the tunes used are all but identical. All in all it is very difficult to determine what bits come from where.

Index Terms:

Locations: Vale of Belvoir, Notts.; Claypole, Lincs. (SK8449); Foston, Lincs. (SK8542); Staunton, Notts. (SK8043); Elston, Notts. (SK7548); Cropwell Bishop, Notts. (SK6835); Long Bennington, Lincs. (SK8344); Vale of Belvoir, Leics.; Vale of Belvoir, Lincs.
Years: Publ. 1977
Subjects: Full Texts; Tunes; Photo; Description; Plays; Plough Trailing; Poor 'Owd Hoss; Mason,M.H. (1877)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00244

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