[Unidentified Press Cutting] (1971)


[Anon.] (Auth.)
PLOUGHS IN THE LIMELIGHT AGAIN [Plough Blessing at East Bridgford, Notts. and Isley Walton, Leics.]
*[Unidentified Press Cutting], 11th Jan.1971

"AN OLD PLOUGH was blessed at East Bridgford parish church last night to mark the annual Plough Sunday service and distribution of charity bread. The plough was provided by Mr. Ernest Covill, a chorister at the church and member of the East Bridgford Parish Council. Taking part in the service were the Rector, the Rev. V.Johnson and the Rural Dean, the Rev. A.H.Wyatt. The service marked an old tradition when ploughboys took a plough round village farms and performed small plays for which they received tips.

Charity bread: Afterwards another old tradition was revived - the distribution of charity bread. This started in 1792 when Mr. John Wilson left money to buy bread for the poor. Although the service is still held, the money is today used to buy bread for an annual old people's party in the village hall. Prayers were also said for the farming community at a plough service at Isley Walton parish church, near Castle Donington."

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Locations: East Bridgford, Notts. (SK6943); Isley Walton, Leics. (SK4225)
Years: Perf. 1971
Subjects: Plough Blessing; Plough Sunday; Charity Bread; Dole; Plough Service
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00252

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