W.M.Comber et al (1961) p.21


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*ASTBURY [Play by Geysers Men on Souling Day]
W.M.Comber et al (1961), p.21

A chapter on the local history of Astbury, Ches. It states;

"November 2nd was Souling Day when children went round the parish singing. On the same day the 'Geysers Men' came round the parish in the evening - about twelve of them, in fancy dress. One would be dressed as Lord Nelson, another as a soldier dressed in a red jacket with a white belt and carrying a sword, and another as a doctor. A duel would be fought, and the 'Doctor' would bring the supposed dead man to life again. For this 'entertainment' they would be rewarded with beer and a feed."

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Locations: Astbury, Ches. (SJ8461)
Years: Publ. 1961
Subjects: Play; Singing; November 2nd; Souling Day; Geysers Men; Lord Nelson; Soldier; Doctor; House Visiting
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00277

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