P.T.Millington Collection (1972, R.Hodgkinson)


R. Hodgkinson (Inf.)
[Guysersing at Langley, Derbys.]
P.T.Millington Collection, Com. 17th Jan.1972

Letter from Langley, Derbys. concerning the writer's father George Hodgkinson (1879-1969) who often told of bygone Christmases when he went "Guysering". [This would probably have been in the 1890s.] Fragments of text are quoted. The characters included Robin Hood (dressed in Lincoln green, having borrowed his father's regalia from the A.O. of Forresters), St. George and Belzebub. One sentence appears to refer to a chapbook - "I do believe there is a paperback called 'Peace Pie' which gives a lot of information."

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Locations: Langley, Derbys. (SK4446)
Years: Perf. 1890s; Com. 1972
Subjects: Christmas; Guysering; St. George; Robin Hood; Belzebub; Play; Text Fragments; Ancient Order of Forresters; Chapbook; "Peace Pie"
People: George Hodgkinson (Perf.); Peter Thomas Millington (Col.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00293

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