P.T.Millington Collection (1972, J.A.Cooper)


John A. Cooper (Inf.)
[sources of play information including Plumtree, Notts.]
P.T.Millington Collection, Com. 24th Jan.1972

Following a newspaper article, this letter details several possible sources of information on folk plays, viz. "The Guardian", "The Journal" [presumably the Nottingham Newspapers] and Roy Harris. A referral, regrettably not followed up, reads "... it was carried out at Plumtree Notts: till quite recent times & that a lady there, Mrs Edward Phimister, Main Road, Plumtree, Notts:, had photographs of this actual ceremony in her possession ..."

Index Terms:

Locations: Plumtree, Notts. (SK6133)
Years: Com. 1972
Subjects: Play; Photos
People: Mrs. Edward Phimister (Inf.); Peter Thomas Millington (Col.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00334

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