P.T.Millington Collection (1971a)


[Anon.] (Perf.)
[Christmas Guysers play from New Houghton, Derbys.]
P.T.Millington Collection, Col. 1971

Text (45 lines) of a Christmas Guysers play from New Houghton, Derbys., featuring the characters Saint George, Turkish Knight, Doctor, Belsi Bub and Spare Man. This was performed in the late 1930s, and the performers were apparently taught the play at school. This anonymous informant had previously provided a text when interviewed along with Sam Richards (see separate record dated 25th Feb.1971). He wrote this text down later. There are small differences between the two.

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Locations: New Houghton, Derbys. (SK4965)
Years: Perf. late 1930s; Col. 1971
Subjects: Christmas; Guysers; Play; Text; Saint George; Turkish Knight; Doctor; Belsi Bub; Spare Man
People: Peter Thomas Millington (Col.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00339

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