M.W.Barley Collection (1954, Parker)


Mrs. Parker (Inf.)
Plough Monday [Plough Monday play given by Mrs. Parker of Caunton]
M.W.Barley Collection, Dated Feb.1954, Ref.BaP 1/15

Full text (107 lines) of a Plough Monday play from Caunton, Notts. The characters are; No 1/Tom Fool/Tommy, No 2/Recruiting Sergeant, No 3/Lady Bright & Gay, No 4/Old Dame Jane/Old Woman, No 5/Eesum Squeezum/Easum Squeezum/Belzy, and No 6/Doctor.

A footnote reads; "Given by Mrs Parker of Caunton

There should be another character Beelzebub, who has two lines to say, but as Mrs P. says these are 'rude' she has omitted them. ..."

[According to her entry to the Notts. Local History Council essay competition "Memories of Newark" (1962), Mrs. B.D. Crowden says she collected this text for Prof. Barley.]

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Locations: Caunton, Notts. (SK7460)
Years: Dated 1954
Subjects: Full Text; Plough Monday; Play; No 1; Tom Fool; Tommy; No 2; Recruiting Sergeant; No 3; Lady Bright & Gay; No 4; Old Dame Jane; Old Woman; No 5; Eesum Squeezum; Easum Squeezum; Belzy; No 6; Doctor; Beelzebub
People: Prof. Maurice Willmore Barley (Col.); Mrs. B. D. Crowden (Col.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00383

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