F.Blomefield (1775)


*F. Blomefield (Auth.)
*An essay towards a topographical history of the County or Norfolk: Vol.4
*Lynn: Farsfield, W.Whittingham, 1775, p.287

*A much cited and reprinted source, describing how Plough Monday, Plough Lights were maintained by dancers before the Reformation. This theory seems to be based on evidence quoted from only three locations; Aylmerton, Binham and Holm by the Sea, Norfolk, and is by no means clear cut.

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Locations: *Aylmerton, Norfolk (TG1839); Binham, Norfolk (TF9839); Holm by the Sea, Norfolk (TF7043)
Years: *Publ. 1775
Subjects: *Plough Monday; Plough Lights; Dancers
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00388

* indicates data that has not yet been validated against the original source and/or has yet to be completely indexed.

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