B.A.Wood et al (1983)


Brian Wood (Ed.); Charles Watkins (Ed.); Cathleen Wood (Ed.)
LIFE AT LAXTON c.1880-1903: The Childhood Memories of EDITH HICKSON [including Plough Monday]
Nottingham: University of Nottingham, 1983, 0-902031-89-9, pp.58-60

This book includes a lengthy description of a Plough Monday play performed at Laxton, Notts., by ploughboys. The characters were; King George/Saint George, Dragon, Doctor, Beelzebub, Tom Fool and a "dancing couple". Odd lines are quoted as well as the verse of the final song.

Index Terms:

Locations: Laxton, Notts. (SK7266)
Years: Publ. 1983; Perf. about 1880 to 1903
Subjects: Plough Monday; Play; Ploughboys; King George; Saint George; Dragon; Doctor; Beelzebub; Tom Fool; Dance; Song; Text Fragments
People: Mrs. Edith Hickson (Auth.); Brian A. Wood (Ed.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00440

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