I.Russell (1979)


Ian Russell (Auth.)
'Here comes me and our old lass, Short of money and short of brass': A Survey of Traditional Drama in North East Derbyshire 1970-8 [Derby Tup plays]
Folk Music Journal, 1979, Vol.3, No.5, pp.399-478

This paper gives a very full description of a survey of Derby Tup or Old Tup plays performed in north east Derbyshire between 1970 and 1978. Full texts, with tunes, are given for plays from Barrow Hill, Birdholme, Bolsover, Brimington, Creswell, Eckington, Harthill, Killamarsh, Middle Handley, Poolsbrook, Renishaw, Ridgeway, Stanfree and Unstone. For some locations, more than one text is given, and there are photographs of teams from Barrow Hill, Killamarsh, Renishaw, Ridgeway and Unstone.

The accompanying analysis discusses the state of health of the tradition, and compares the texts, modes of operation, etc., of the plays. Useful tables compare song stanzas, speech elements and tunes. An appendix lists the names of all the actors in each of the teams, and shows which parts they played in which year.

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Locations: North East Derbyshire, Derbys.; Barrow Hill, Derbys. (SK4175); Birdholme, Derbys. (SK3869); Bolsover, Derbys. (SK4770); Brimington, Derbys. (SK4073); Creswell, Derbys. (SK5274); Eckington, Derbys. (SK4379); Harthill, Derbys. (SK4980); Killamarsh, Derbys. (SK4580); Middle Handley, Derbys. (SK4077); Poolsbrook, Derbys. (SK4473); Renishaw, Derbys. (SK4477); Ridgeway, Derbys. (SK4081); Stanfree, Derbys. (SK4774); Unstone, Derbys. (SK3777)
Years: Perf. 1970 to 1978
Subjects: Derby Tup; Old Tup; Plays; Full Texts; Tunes; Photos; Itineraries; Cast Lists; Songs
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00450

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