M.W.Barley Collection (1950, L.Butler - a)


Lawrence Butler (Col.)
[Tunes and Notes on Plough Plays]
*M.W.Barley Collection, Com. 30th Dec.1953

Letter about Plough Plays, containing tunes and numerous three tunes to the play from Colsterworth, Lincs., (Collected from Mr.E.Shields) mentioning the characters Recruiting Sergeant, Farmers Boy and Serving Girl. The tunes are given to the final song from East Drayton, Notts., (collected from Canon R.F.Wilkinson), and to a folk song "The Wrestling Match" or "Bill Scrimshaw" from Lenton, Lincs. The play tunes were collected in December 1953.

A number of original references are given in the following passage;

"Although you have ommitted the list of villages where the dance was known to exist, I can add to it from my grandmother's knowledge - Bingham, Granby, Elton; from Mrs. Atkins of Shelford - Radcliffe-on-Trent and Cotgrave; from Mrs. Mee of Shelford - Empingham, Rutland (with account of their dress)"

References to published work include; J.P.Briscoe (1876), J.P.Briscoe (1878), E.L.Guilford (1942), J.Needham & A.L.Peck (1936) [should be 1933], and J.E.F.D.S.S.? (1937) [probably A.R.Wright & T.E.Lones (1938).]

Index Terms:

Locations: Colsterworth, Lincs. (SK9224); East Drayton, Notts. (SK7775); Lenton, Lincs. (TF0230); Bingham, Notts. (SK7039); Elton, Notts. (SK7638); Granby, Notts. (SK7536); Radcliffe-on-Trent, Notts. (SK6438); Cotgrave, Notts. (SK6435); Empingham, Rutland (SK9408)
Years: Col. 1953
Subjects: Letter; Plough Plays; Tunes; Recruiting Sergeant; Farmers Boy; Serving Girl; Folk Song; "The Wrestling Match"; "Bill Scrimshaw"; Dance; Briscoe,J.P. (1876); Briscoe,J.P. (1878); Guilford,E.L. (1942); Needham,J. & Peck,A.L. (1933); Wright,A.R. & Lones,T.E. (1938)
People: Mrs. Atkins (Inf.); Mrs. Mee (Inf.); Mr. E. Shields (Perf.); Canon R. F. Wilkinson (Inf.); Maurice Willmore Barley (Col.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00461

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