M.W.Barley Collection (1957, J.B.Skelton)


J. B. Skelton (Perf.)
Plough Bullocking night, second Monday in Jan. [Kirkby Woodhouse, Notts.]
M.W.Barley Collection, Com. 1st May 1957, Ref.Ba P 1/24

Full text (28 lines) of a play performed in Kirkby Woodhouse, Notts., by Plough Bullocks on Plough Bullocking Night in 1887. The characters were; 1st Boy [Introducer], 2nd Boy/King George, 3rd Boy [Antagonist], 4th Boy/Doctor, 5th Boy/Rake, 6th Boy/Neddy Gent, 7th Boy/Belzebub and others. A footnote mentions C.H.Aram (1956/1957)

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Locations: Kirkby Woodhouse, Notts. (SK4954)
Years: Perf. 1887
Subjects: Full Text; Play; Plough Bullocks; Plough Bullocking Night; 1st Boy; Introducer; 2nd Boy; King George; 3rd Boy; Antagonist; 4th Boy; Doctor; 5th Boy; Rake; 6th Boy; Neddy Gent; 7th Boy; Belzebub; Aram,C.H. (1956/1957)
People: A. Roberts (Col.); Maurice Willmore Barley (Col.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00466

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