M.W.Barley Collection (1937)


*Maurice Willmore Barley (Col.)
PLOUGH JAGS [Play from West Halton, Lincs.]
*M.W.Barley Collection, Col. 1937, Ref.Ba P 2/34

Text (63 lines) of a Plough Jags play from West Halton, Lincs. The characters are; Fool, Soldier/Recruiting Sergeant, Beelzebub, Hobby Horse, Lady Bright and Fair, Indian King/Slisher and Slasher, Doctor, Jane, Besom Betty and Gentleman.

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Locations: West Halton, Lincs. (SE9020)
Years: Col. 1937
Subjects: Text; Plough Jags; Play; Fool; Soldier; Recruiting Sergeant; Beelzebub; Hobby Horse; Lady Bright and Fair; Indian King; Slisher and Slasher; Doctor; Jane; Besom Betty; Gentleman
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00486

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