A.S.Buxton & D.J.Bradbury (1987)


A. S. Buxton (Auth.); D. J. Bradbury (Comp.)
Early Mansfield [including Plough Monday plays]
Mansfield: Wheel Publications, 1987

This book is compilation of the writings on the history of Mansfield, Notts., by A.S.Buxton, mostly published in the 1920s. Appendix 1 covers Mansfield customs, dialect and folklore. Customs mentioned include; "Going a Gooding" or "Going a Corning" on St. Thomas' Day, drawing lots for Valentines on Valentine Day, and the Cheese and Statute Fairs. There is also a glossary explaining some 40 dialect terms.

Most of the appendix is taken up with a description of Plough Bullocks' Plough Monday plays, [taken from A.S.Buxton (1922).] This includes a brief history of Plough Lights and plough trailing. Malicious ploughing is mentioned, and a more detailed description of alternative tricks played in Mansfield. Potential victims ran the Plough Bullocks out of the street with a red hot poker. Fragments of text are quoted, and the characters St. George, Slasher, Doctor and Beelzebub are mentioned. Comparisons are made with an unidentified Cornish Christmas play and a Selston play collected by Miss Manners.

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Locations: Mansfield, Notts. (SK5361); Selston, Notts. (SK4553); Cornwall
Years: Publ. 1987; Publ. 1922
Subjects: Customs; Dialect; Folklore; Going a Gooding; Going a Corning; St. Thomas' Day; Drawing Lots; Valentines; Valentine Day; Cheese Fair; Statute Fair; Glossary; Plough Bullocks; Plough Monday; Plays; Buxton,A.S. (1922); Plough Lights; Plough Trailing; Malicious Ploughing; Tricks; Retribution; Text Fragments; St. George; Slasher; Doctor; Beelzebub; Christmas
People: David J. Bradbury (Comp.); Miss Manners (Col.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00492

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