P.Howat (1991)


Polly Howat (Auth.); Don Osmond (Illus.)
Tales of Old Nottinghamshire
Newbury: Countryside Books, 1991, 1-85306-160-3, pp.113-115

A book of miscellaneous Nottinghamshire facts and folklore, with the following chapter headings; The Nottingham Goose Fair, The Battle Of East Stoke, Footpads And Highwaymen, The Wrestling Baronet, The Shepherd's Race, The Bramley Apple, Robin Hood, The Fools From Gotham, Ned Ludd, Twist Fever, The Gypsy And The Lady, Old Sherwood Forest, Cries Of Old Nottingham, Pins And Kitty Hudson, The Rufford Mine Disaster, One Month With Nurse Thatcher, The Mothering Sunday Revival, Putting The Pig On Harrison, Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know, Of Flood And Tempest, Beating The Bounds, The Whipping Judge, Riding The Stang, The Roeites Of Calverton, The Miller Of Mansfield, Plough Bullocks, The Bessie Sheppard Stone, The Boy of Nottingham.

Material for this book appears to have been almost solely taken from previously published sources - particularly those of J.P.Briscoe.

The chapter on Plough Bullocks quotes a verse on Plough Monday by the poet Thomas Tusser (1524-1580), and mentions house visiting, mummers plays and malicious ploughing. It quotes J.P.Briscoe - probably his 1876 description of Shelford Plough Bullocks. The word of a verse of the final song of a Plough Bullock Day play are given.

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Locations: Notts.; Nottingham, Notts. (SK5739)
Years: Publ. 1991
Subjects: Book; Folklore; Goose Fair; Robin Hood; Fools from Gotham; "The Gypsy and the Lady"; Mothering Sunday; Beating the Bounds; Riding the Stang; "The Miller of Mansfield"; Plough Bullocks; Tusser,Thomas (1524-1580); House Visiting; Plays; Malicious Ploughing; Briscoe,J.P. (1876); Song; Plough Bullock Day
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