Creswell's Nottingham Journal (1763a)


[Anon.] (Auth.)
[Advert for date of Nottingham's Epiphany Fair]
Creswell's Nottingham Journal, 24th Dec.1763, Vol.II, No.152, p.3 c

Advert, reading;

" NOTTINGHAM, Dec.23, 1763
NOTICE is hereby given,
THAT the next FAIR for this Town, called the EPIPHANY-
FAIR will be held upon Friday the Twentieth Day of January
next, the same Fair being every Year held on Friday next after
the Thirteenth Day of January."

Index Terms:

Locations: Nottingham, Notts. (SK5739)
Years: Publ. 1763
Subjects: Epiphany Fair
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00513

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