E.L.Guilford Collection (1922, C.B.Collinson)


C. B. Collinson (Auth.)
[Christmas Play at Laxton, Notts.]
E.L.Guilford Collection, Written 7th Jul.1922, Ref.M/9910/9

Letter concerning a Christmas play at Laxton, Notts., and about prehistoric debris being turned up in the fields. The relevant part of the letter reads;

"At Laxton there were just the last 'flickerings' of the Christmas play of St. George and the Doctor & Little Devil Doubt which 2 or 3 boys used to enact at Xmas time, but they had a very poor version of doggeral - and very short. I think it possible one might get their version thro' Mr. Willis the Schoolmaster. I am sure he would give you any information if you wrote to him. There was also a remnant of the Pagan Harvest Home Festival. The children made a Quern [?] Baby I think they called it - a straw doll - on the last cart home - which they greeted with cheers - and I think used to throw at!"

Index Terms:

Locations: Laxton, Notts. (SK7266)
Years: Col. 1922
Subjects: Christmas; Play; St. George; Doctor; Little Devil Doubt; Harvest Home; Straw Doll; Quern Baby
People: Everard Leaver Guilford (Col.); Mr. Willis (Potential Intermediary)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00517

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