P.Millington (1991c)


Peter Millington (Auth.)
*Do Guysers still exist? [West Notts., plays]
*Ripley & Heanor News, 21st Dec.1991, Vol.102

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Locations: Underwood, Notts. (SK4750); Annesley, Notts. (SK5053); Moorgreen, Notts. (SK4847); Newthorpe, Notts. (SK4846); Kimberley, Notts. (SK4944); Eastwood, Notts. (SK4646); Jacksdale, Notts. (SK4451); Selston, Notts. (SK4553); Felley Priory, Notts. (SK4851); Somercotes, Derbys. (SK4253)
Years: Perf. 1930s; Perf. 1950s; Perf. 1990; Perf. 1991
Subjects: Guysers; Plays; Opener In; Devildowt; St. George; Doctor; Belzibub; Slasher; Itinerary; Christmas; Text Fragment; Bullguysers; Guysing; Ripley Morris Men
People: Peter Thomas Millington (Auth.); Mr. G. S. Bennieston (Perf.); Mr. Tom Thorpe (Perf.); Mrs. Barbara Faulconbridge (Inf.); Syd Barber (Col.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00520

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