T.Ratcliffe Collection (1915)


*Thomas Ratcliffe (Auth.)
*The owd Hoss [from Whitwell and Barlborough, Derbys.]
T.Ratcliffe Collection, Dec.1915

*Detailed description of the play of "Th' Owd Hoss", performed in 1895 by farm lads from the Whitwell and Barlborough district, Derbys., and also performed in Worksop, Notts. The characters included the Horse and Betty or Bet.

This information comes from a manuscript in Nottingham Central Library, Local History Section. It gives the source as "From early 20th mss in possession of A.Cockburn". Although Thomas Ratcliffe is not named, Anne Cockburn is known to have done research on a notebook of Ratcliffe's which she had acquired. The subject matter, and the Worksop also ties in with his other publications.

Index Terms:

Locations: Worksop, Notts. (SK5879); Whitwell, Derbys. (SK5276); Barlborough, Derbys. (SK4778)
Years: Perf. 1895
Subjects: Play; "Th' Owd Hoss"; Horse; Betty; Bet
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00521;
Anne Cockburn Collection, Original;;
Notts. County Library, Local Studies Section, Folklore Box, L39

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