Nottingham Evening News (1953b)


*[Anon.] (Auth.)
*Nottingham Evening News, 20th Nov.1953

The response of A.Roberts to the allegation by the National Folk-lore Society (sic.) that there is complete apathy to folklore in Notts. It mentions collecting Mummers' plays, "Robin Hood's Garland", the Bozart or Marsh Spirit at Thurgarton, the sturgeon in the Trent as an omen for the Clifton family, and ghosts at Scratton Wood and Rufford Abbey. Up to 1827 people went to Westhorpe Dumble between Oxton and Southwell to hear the church bells of the lost village of Raleigh.

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Locations: Notts.; Thurgarton, Notts. (SK6949); River Trent, Notts.; Scratton Wood, Notts. (SK????); Rufford Abbey, Notts. (SK6464); Westhorpe Dumble, Notts. (SK6752); Raleigh, Notts. (SK7255)
Years: Publ. 1953; Perf. until 1827
Subjects: Folklore; Mummers' Plays; "Robin Hood's Garland"; Bozart; Marsh Spirit; Sturgeon; Omen; Clifton Family; Ghosts; Lost Village
People: *Mr. A. Roberts (Col.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00526;
Notts. County Library, Local Studies Section, Folklore Box, L39.6

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