R.Scollins & J.Titford (1977)


Richard Scollins (Auth.); John Titford (Auth.)
EY UP, MI DUCK!: PART THREE: An affectionate look at the speech, history and folklore of Ilkeston, Derbyshire and the Erewash Valley
Ilkeston: Scollins & Titford, 1977, 0-9505292-2-2, pp.11-13

A miscellany relating to Ilkeston, Derbys., with an emphasis on dialect. A broadside ballad is reproduced, entitled the "Murder of Joseph Smith".

There is a chapter headed "'Step in King George and clear the way!': The Ancient mummers' plays of Ilkeston" This gives information about three plays;

Fragments are quoted from play collected from Mr. James Carrier, who performed the play at the turn of the Century around Kirk Hallam. It had the characters; First Guiser, King George, Young Turk, Princess of Paradise, Doctor and Betsy Betsy Belzebub. This appears to be taken from R.Meynell (1957/58)

The second play was collected from Mr. Alfred Harris, who performed the play in Stanley about 1920. It's characters were; Open Door, King George, Little Turk, Little Turk's Mother, Doctor and Jolly Old Man. The introductory speech is quoted.

Finally, there are brief notes about a play performed in West Hallam about 1890, and collected from Mrs. Beryl Body. Her father George Flint had been a performer. The characters included a Fool and Be-elzebub. The Fool's opening lines are quoted.

Index Terms:

Locations: Ilkeston, Derbys. (SK4642); Kirk Hallam, Derbys. (SK4540); Stanley, Derbys. (SK4140); West Hallam, Derbys. (SK4341)
Years: Publ. 1977; Perf. about 1900; Perf. about 1920; Perf. about 1890
Subjects: Dialect; Broadside Ballad; "Murder of Joseph Smith"; Plays; Text Fragments; First Guiser; King George; Young Turk; Princess of Paradise; Doctor; Betsy Betsy Belzebub; Meynell,R. (1957/58); Open Door; Little Turk; Little Turk's Mother; Jolly Old Man; Fool; Be-elzebub
People: Mr. James Carrier (Perf.); Mr. Alfred Harris (Perf.); Mrs. Beryl Body (Inf.); George Flint (Perf.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00534

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