Eastwood & Kimberley Advertiser (1993b)


Anon. (Auth.)
Spreading the Christmas message [School performance of St. George Play in Underwood, Notts.]
Eastwood & Kimberley Advertiser, 31st Dec.1993, Vol.94, No.5205, p.10c-f

Report of performances of "A Medieval Christmas" by Underwood Church of England School in Underwood Church. Among the scenes, "Erewash Class performed the mummers' play 'St George'..." There is a photo of this scene captioned "Swords crossed brave warriors do battle in the story of St George." This shows nine characters. In the foreground, with swords crossed, are St. George and his adversary with a sword and crescent shield [Turkish Knight?]. Other recognisable characters are a Dragon, the Doctor and someone dressed as an Egyptian Pharaoh [King of Egypt?]. Another character is dressed as a medieval lady

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Locations: Underwood, Notts. (SK4750)
Years: Perf. 1993
Subjects: Mummers' Play; "St George"; Photo; St. George; Dragon; Doctor; Play
People: Underwood Church of England School (Perf.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00539

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