"J.Chambers" (1949)


"Jessie Chambers" (Auth.); [David Herbert Lawrence] (Auth.)
AN ENJOYABLE CHRISTMAS: A PRELUDE: "Sweet pleasure after pain..." : D.H.Lawrence's story [features a Notts. Christmas Guysers play]
*Nottinghamshire Guardian, 10th Dec.1949, pp.12a-e,9

Reprint of "J.Chambers" (1907) - A Christmas short story set in the Notts. coalfield. It features a three-man Guysers play. The characters St. George and Beelzebub are mentioned, and there is some description of costumes. One of the ilustrations shows two Guysers making up in front of a mirror.

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Locations: Notts.
Years: Publ. 1907; Reprinted 1949
Subjects: Christmas; Guysers; Play; Short Story; "Chambers,J." (1907); St. George; Beelzebub; Illustration
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00555

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