R.Faulks (2004/2005)


Ron Faulks (Auth.)
Lawrence and 'The Guysers', Peter Millington 10th November 2004
D.H.Lawrence Society Newsletter, Autumn/Winter 2004/2005, No.75, p.14

Report of a lecture given to the D.H.Lawrence Society at Eastwood, Notts., on the Christmas Guysers portrayed in the works of D.H.Lawrence and how they compare to the actual local tradition.

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Locations: Eastwood, Notts. (SK4646)
Years: Presented 2004
Subjects: Lecture; D.H.Lawrence Society; Christmas; Guysers; Plays
People: Peter Thomas Millington (Auth.); David Herbert Lawrence (Auth.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00596

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