Newark Advertiser (2004a)


[Anon.] (Auth.)
REVIEWS: Plough play revived [North Muskham, Notts.]
Newark Advertiser, 9th Jan.2004, Vol.155, No.7931, p.Arts.10d-f

Article and two colour photos of the revival by the Muskham Pinkies of the ploughboys' play from North Muskham, Notts, also performed at Norwell and Bathley. The original tradition stopped at the start of the second world war. The captions list the following cast members: David Haslam, Dan Harrison, Simon Simcox, Paul Cotter, Keith Baines, Paul Lane, and Jeff Hannabus.

Performances by the Calverton Real Ale and Plough Play Preservation Society are listed for Farnsfield, Epperstone, Lambley, Lowdham, Hoveringham, Woodborough, and Calverton. Morris dancers performing after a Plough Sunday service at Morton, Notts., are also mentioned.

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Locations: North Muskham, Notts. (SK7958); Norwell, Notts. (SK7761); Bathley, Notts. (SK7759); Farnsfield, Notts. (SK6456); Epperstone, Notts. (SK6548); Lambley, Notts. (SK6245); Lowdham, Notts. (SK6646); Hoveringham, Notts. (SK6946); Woodborough, Notts. (SK6347); Calverton, Notts. (SK6149); Morton, Notts. (SK7251)
Years: Ceased 1940; Perf. 2004
Subjects: Photos; Revival; Muskham Pinkies; Ploughboys; Play; Itineraries; Calverton Real Ale and Plough Play Preservation Society; Morris Dancers; Plough Sunday
People: David Haslam (Perf.); Dan Harrison (Perf.); Simon Simcox (Perf.); Paul Cotter (Perf.); Keith Baines (Perf.); Paul Lane (Perf.); Jeff Hannabus (Perf.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00599

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