Lincoln, Rutland & Stamford Mercury (1876)


[Anon.] (Auth.)
*Lincoln, Rutland & Stamford Mercury, 14th Jan.1876, pp.4c

"The bumpkins who had been accustomed to daub their faces, dress fantastically, and dun the tradesmen for backsheesh on Plough Monday, were scarce in Stamford on Monday last. We may therefore hope that the nuisance of the "plough witches" is dying out. Formerly the ploughmen, or the loafers who represented agricultural labourers, were so importunate and so unruly as to cause disturbances in the town, and such was their indulgence in drink that very few went to their homes in a state of sobriety."

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Locations: Stamford, Lincs. (TF0207)
Years: Occurred 1876
Subjects: Plough Monday; Plough Witches
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00712;
Lincoln City Library, Morris Dancers or 'Plough Jacks' File Ref.L394

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