M.H.Mason (1908)


M. H. Mason (Auth.)
NURSERY RHYMES AND Country Songs: BOTH TUNES AND WORDS FROM TRADITION [2nd ed. - The Old Horse: Christmas Play from Notts.]
London: Metzler & Co., 1908, pp.49-50

2nd edition of M.H.Mason (1877), which includes a dramatised song headed "The Old Horse: CHRISTMAS PLAY". The footnote is extended as follows:-

"...Mr. Dixon prints, he says, for the first time, a version of these words, without the prologue, in his 'Songs of the Peasantry.' He thinks the 'Old Horse' to be of Scandinavian origin, a reminiscence of Odin's Sleipnor. The horse's head is, or was, however, used in Ireland in connection with customs most probably Phenician. It is placed at the end of a double row of bonfires, between which the people run up to it."

The reference is to James Henry Dixon, "Ancient poems ballads and songs of the peasantry of England", London: Percy Society, 1846

Mason is likely to have collected this play from the vicinity of Morton Hall near Ranby, Notts., where she lived from 1869.

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Locations: Morton Hall, Ranby, Notts. (SK6580); Notts.; Derbys.; South Wales
Years: Col. 1869 to 1877; First Publ. 1877; Publ. 1908
Subjects: Full Text; Tunes; Dramatised Songs; Christmas; Old Horse; Dixon,J.H. (1846)
People: Marianne Harriet Mason (Col.)
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00733;
Traditional Song Forum, http://tradsong.online/rare-song-books, Accessed 23rd Jan.2018;;
Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, https://www.vwml.org/record/RoudFS/S217289, Accessed 23rd Jan.2018

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