R.J.E.Tiddy (1923) pp.254-257


[Anon.] (Inf.)
THE 'PLOUGH JACKS' PLAY: From Kirmington in North Lincolnshire
R.J.E.Tiddy (1923), pp.254-257

Full text (103 lines) of a Plough Jacks' play from Kirmington, Lincs. The characters are; Fool, Sergeant, Music Jack, Indian King/Jack, Doctor, Lady, Bold Tom and Lame Jane.

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Locations: Kirmington, Lincs. (TA1011)
Years: Col. before 1914
Subjects: Full Text; Play; Plough Jacks; Songs; Fool; Sergeant; Music Jack; Indian King; Jack; Doctor; Lady; Bold Tom; Lame Jane
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00737

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