A.S.Buxton Collection (No Date - e)


*[Anon.] (Inf.)
*A Notts Harvest Home
*A.S.Buxton Collection, No Date, Black & red notebook, p.21

*Two verses of a Harvest Home song, sung in Notts.:

Mr he is a good man
in letting us ride on his harvest dam
Well mown, well sown
We've got our harvest home at last,
Never thrown over nor yet stuck fast,
We've got our harvest home at last,
Hip, Hip hooray.
Mr he is a good man
For letting us ride in his harvest dam,
He gives us beer, he gives us ale,
I hope his heart will never fail,
God bless these horses that trail us
They've had many a weary bone
They've torn their cloathes rent their skin
All for to get this harvest in.
Hip, Hip hooray.

It is possible that this is a copy of the Harvest Home song in the E.L.Guilford Collection, Ref.M/9910/8, that may come from Laxton, Notts. (See TD00796).

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Locations: Notts.; Laxton, Notts. (SK7266)
Years: *Col. 1920s
Subjects: *Harvest Home; Song; Full Text
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00794

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