J.F.L. (1902)


*J. F. L. (Auth.); *[James Fleming Leishman] (Auth.)
*The Dying Guizard [Hogmanay play from Scotland]
*The Scotsman, 31st Dec.1902, p.8a-b

Article on the history and decline of Guizards in Scotland. It includes an unlocated Hogmanay full text (101 lines) of "The New Year Mummers' Tale of Golishan". The characters are: Bol Bendo, King of France, King of Spain, Sir Alexander, Golishan, and Doctor/Doctor Beelzebub/Hector Protector.

In "Galoshins: The Scottish Folk Play" (1990, pp.114-115), Brian Hayward ascribes this text to Berwickshire but only quotes exceptional fragments from a later reprint, stating: "Leishman is an unreliable witness, and his information cannot be assumed to be of Scottish origin". Hayward does not give his reasons for this opinion.

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Locations: Berwickshire, Scotland
Years: Publ. 1902
Subjects: Guizards; Hogmanay; Play; Full Text; New Year; "The New Year Mummers' Tale of Golishan"; Bol Bendo; King of France; King of Spain; Sir Alexander; Golishan; Doctor; Doctor Beelzebub; Hector Protector
Archives: TDRG Archive, Ref. TD00795;
A.S.Buxton Collection

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