Location: Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland (NS8880)
Year: Publ. 1841
Time of Occurrence: [Not given]
Collective Name: [Not given]


Robert Chambers
Select Writings of Robert Chambers, Vol.VII., Popular Rhymes of Scotland, 3rd edition, with additions,
Edinburgh, W. & R. Chambers, 1841, pp.299-304.




Open your door and let us in,
We hope your favour for to win;
We're none of your roguish sort,
But come of your noble train.
If you don't believe what I say,
I'll call in the King of Macedon,
And he shall clear his way!

{Enter King.}

King of Macedon

Here in come I, the great King of Macedon;
I've conquered this world round and round;
But when I came to Scotland, my courage grew so cold,
To see a little nation so stout and so bold:
If you don't believe what I say,
I'll call in Prince George of Ville, and he shall clear his way!

{Enter Prince George of Ville.}

Prince George of Ville

Here in come I, Prince George of Ville,
A Ville of valiant light
Here I sit and spend my right
... and reason:
Here I draw my bloody weapon,
My bloody weapon shines so clear,
I'll run it right into your ear.
If you don't believe what I say
I'll call in the Slasher, and he shall clear his way!

{Enter Slasher.}


Here in come I, Slasher; Slasher is my name;
With sword and buckler by my side, I hope to win the game.


Chambers' Notes:

"The... commencement of the play, as performed in the neighbourhood of Falkirk."

Peter Millington's Notes:

Digitised from the transcript in
B.Hayward (1992) Galoshins : The Scottish Folk Play. Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 1992, ISBN 07486 0338 7, pp.167-168

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